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A facial is the ultimate form of relaxation. Lavish Manors Nail Spa offers a decadent lineup of unique facial treatments which repair damaged cells and helps your skin retain its healthy glow. We offer a very simple facial called the Lavish Quickie which uses top of the line products to brighten and soften skin of all types. Our Deep Pore Cleansing Facial rids the face of acne causing oils and allows pores to breathe. Try our Vitamin C facial for all of the vitamin’s anti-aging benefits which leave your skin with a beautiful glow. Add a peel, anti-aging eye treatment or kissable lips treatment to any facial for just $25 each.

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LAVISH QUICKIE      $45/30 minutes

A great introduction to professional skin care or a quick effective maintenance treatment. To brighten and soften all skin types.

EUROPEAN FACIAL     $75/60 minutes 1342799930 Resized

An ultra cleansing treatment designed to eliminate dead surface cells and cleanse impurities. A thorough massage helps to restore the skin’s natural moisture level. This treatment restore suppleness & natural skin radiance.


An ultra cleansing facial designed to purify the skin, ridding it of unwanted dead cells and elements such as blackhead and whiteheads. Improves even skin tones and softens facial texture.

 ANTI-AGING FACIAL      $80/60 minutes

Specialized serum is massaged into the skin to increase collagen and elastin fibers, resulting in a firmer, smother texture. A marine mask prevents the breakdown of these fibers and helps to your brighten your face.

DELUXE BACK FACIAL     $85/60 minutes

Intended to even out skin tone and texture. Reduce tension, light extractions if necessary. An excellent way to relax your muscles and tone your skin.

GLYCOLIC FACIAL     $80/60 minutes

A treatment for skin that shows signs of premature aging, dehydration ,and sun damage. Includes a glycolic serum to smooth fine lines, tone and firm the skin. Over time your skin tone will improve dramatically, leaving you with a more youthful appearance.
We Recommend Series of six $400 ( one complementary facial )

DELUXE GLYCOLIC FACIAL     $100/75 minutes

Include Glycolic facial treatment. Plus steam, extractions, face, shoulder with warm mitts hand Massage.

MANHANDLER      $75/60 minutes

Created just for him a cleansing facial with a relaxing facial massage. Softening skin formula promotes skin tone, reduces ingrown hairs, unclogs pores ,bonus of reduced shaving sensitivity.

PEARL & SILK FACIAL      $75/60 minutes

Precious pearl and silk powders smooth lines and nourish the skin. All these are fundamental Oriental beauty care traditions. You will delight in your luxurious silky skin tone and smooth texture. Perfect for any special occasion.

VITAMIN C FACIAL     $75/60 minutes

High concentration of Vitamin C penetrate the skin, important in the prevention of premature aging skin cells. Antioxidants aid in boosting your skin with a sparkling glow.

MICRODERMABRASION     $110/60 minutes

The benefits of Microdermabrasion over other, more invasive peels are: painless, zero down time, immediate results, no peeling or dryness, and less costly than most chemical facial peels. Restore your skin’s youth with our revolutionary skin resurfacing treatments. ( Includes full Facial, Steam & Extraction, Face & Hand Massage )
We Recommend Series of six $550 ( one complementary treatment )

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Lavish Manors Nail Spa is a full service salon and spa located in Wilton Manors, FL. We feel that you should be treated to the highest quality salon services available. Our cosmetologists are highly trained to treat you to a wonderful day of relaxation.

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